Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy National Pink Day!

Happy National Pink Day!  Life is not complete without a little pink in it, at least for me.  I loved it as a little girl and I hope I always love it! 
These were left on my doorstep today with a note from a very special friend.  She has spent the last few days visiting with me and I am so glad she did.  It is so amazing to see how God orchestrated the beginnings of this friendship 30+ years ago, but it didn't come into full bloom until the last few years.   He knew to bring us together at just the right time, when we each would need it.

Although, we don't often get to see one another, we share secrets that I can't imagine sharing with anyone else . The last few days have been late nights (2-3 AM every night) full of talking through the issues each of us are dealing with in our lives and catching up on the small details that we will often skip over in a phone conversation or email.. There was plenty of laughter and tears shared but we both needed that. She understands my spiritual battles and doesn't judge because she knows where I am.  I think we all know how rare it is to have a friend who will get in their car at 3:30 pm in the middle of the week and drive 5 hours to spend a few days with you just because she senses you need it (she was right!!!) 

Sadly, we (collectively) seem to get so busy with life and things that really aren't that important in the long term picture that we lose track of the human cost of being busy and not intentional with our relationships, whether with friends or family.  This week showed me true sacrifice just to be friend....not because she had too, but because her heart needed to be a friend. She knew I didn't need to be alone this week and so she stepped in and filled the gap.  I am taking that lesson to heart and hopeto be able to pass it along one day.  I am so thankful that by the time she left, my blessings seemed far greater than my challenges. 

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