Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Game Changer....Roomba!

My sweet Mother and Daddy recently sent me a goody that I can't tell you how much it has helped me and changed my life!  I came home from a business trip to find a big box sitting in my bedroom and inside it held the grand, life changing ROOMBA!  Years ago, I had a first generation Roomba and until it literally pooped out from use. I loved it as well...but I have to say it is improved and when you have 2 dogs living in your house....this is a life saver.  I love it because I can just push a button and it runs about gathering all the stray, all over the house, fur that escapes from my furbabies constantly.  It tells me when it needs to be emptied, when it needs to be charged and my fortune (well, not really my fortune but that would be fun!)  I am already so attached I think I might have a heart attack if my Roomba went away!  Not only does it keep the floors cleaner, by picking up the excess hair it also keeps the hair off the tables and furniture better.  It is truly a must have, and though, worth the money!


  1. We had the very first one ~14 years ago, and it just didn't work for us. I'd be up for possibly trying one again, but it would have to have an amazing return policy! 😂

  2. I would love one of those with my pup who sheds like crazy but it would freak her out.


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