Monday, January 30, 2017

Make-Up Monday!

Since everyone gives Monday a bad wrap I thought I would put a fun twist on it and talk about a couple of cosmetic products that I love.  When I say I love them, I mean they are the tried and true standard and always are in the "routine." Today's post isn't actually about make-up but rather the very beginning and the very end of your make-up routine.  These are two steps that if you are skipping you are losing valuable hours of great looking make-up.  I only added these into my routine in the last year and I can't believe how I made it without them!!!
Although, I have always loved make-up and work in the industry, somehow I managed to avoid using a primer before putting on my foundation!  I think I thought it was just one more product to buy that would not make a difference.  Rest assured this is a product you NEED, if you aren't using one.  After applying your moisturizer this is the first thing that should go on.  It smooths your pores and readies your skin for makeup.  I can tell a huge difference if I put on my make-up with or without primer! 
The next must have on my list is the very last thing you put on...a setting spray.  If I was wary of the primer you really should have seen how I felt about setting spray and all it's claims of glory...but, they are true.  With Setting Spray you lightly mist your face when your make-up is complete and it helps it stay on all day looking dewy fresh.  That is a huge plus when you live in a warm climate where the humidity loves to attack not just your hair but also loves to melt that make-up right off!  So, if you aren't using a setting spray get one right away. 

Adding these two elements into your beauty routine will be minimum effort for great results that will keep you looking fresh and glowing all day!  Happy Make-Up Monday!!!

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  1. That primer is my fave...too bad I think I accidentally threw away the bottle that just came in the mail!!
    Piper Ellice @
    Starting Out Southern Blog


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