Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Belated Mother's Day Post

This post is a few days over due, but this week has had a few unexpected things happen and I had to work all day on Mother's Day so there was no time for blogging. I guess better late than never?  This year's Mother's Day was like all the holidays so felt weird and there was a gap missing but I still know that I am overwhelmingly blessed by my 3 soon to be 4 because that includes includes my future son-in-law!

God gave me 3 amazing individuals to love, invest in and the wonderful opportunity to pour myself into their lives. Motherhood has been an amazing journey and a peek into Heaven for me.  I loved being pregnant, loved having babies and dreaded when each season ended because that took us one step closer to them being grown. I so wish I could pull them in close and breathe in that baby fragrance just one more time.

God also gave them each  huge hearts and they have been my rock over the last few months.  I am sure I would not have made it, if not for them and their unfailing love. I am so grateful for the gifts of their love.  Our family no long looks like it once did, and I never dreamed I would be a single Mom, and we are having to find new ways to navigate life, but they are my blessings beyond measure and I am so glad to have had them with me on Mother's Day.

"Let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth."
1 John 3:18

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  1. You can do this!
    Love that you had all your kids with you! What a great looking bunch!

  2. Michelle, you look so beautiful and I LOVE your dress!

  3. What a beautiful crew! I love your brunette hair too. Praying for things to look up for you. I know it's a journey.

  4. You can do hard things, Michelle. You can. Your kids are beautiful, inside and out, just like you. You've taught them so well. Warrior on, sister.

  5. GORGEOUS family pic! I'm so happy your kids are still so close!!!


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