Thursday, December 20, 2012

Retail Therapy Thursday: Target Riding on Lilly Inspiration

Lilly Pulitzer Pink Chum Bucket Cruiser
For years I have have lusted after one of Lilly Pulitzer's gorgeous bicycles!  "Bicycles, you say?"  Yes, I am known far and wide -maybe wide isn't a good choice of wording here - for my dislike of exercise but when I see these adorable Lilly bikes I have visions of my cute self peddling to and fro dressed, of course, in coordinating Lilly outfits. The reality is that I would probably never fork over the money to buy one of these dreams on two wheels...but a girl can dream in pink and green!

So, imagine my surprise when I walked into Target this morning and saw that one of their lines, Alice + Olivia as part of the Target/Neiman Marcus Holiday line, has a Lilly inspired bike...not to mention the price tag was even more than a Lilly bike at a whopping $499.00!  I know lots of people will say it isn't a Lilly "inspiration"... but really???
I will give it it kudos for cuteness, especially that basket with the belt around it and I like the white tires (which would coordinate perfectly with a Lilly bike...just in case any Lilly Bike designers read this!)
I did find it interesting that when I looked the bike up on Target's website it was half the in store cost at only $249.00.  That is quite a price difference online versus in store! At $249.00 I did think the cute factor increased. But at $499.00, I couldn't imagine forking over more for this bike at Target than I would have to for a Lilly. But, then again, I am prejudiced and only a Lilly bike makes me exert energy imaging myself exercising on it!!!
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  1. There were only two bikes in the Flowery Branch/Gainesville area and one woman bought them both at FULL PRICE!!!! Can you believe it??!!! I, too, have wanted a Lilly bike, but seriously, we know it would simply sit in the garage... :(

  2. There were only two of the bikes in teh Flowery Branch/Gainesville area and one woman bought both at FULL PRICE!!!! Can you imagine??!!! I, too, have seriously considered the LP bike, but realize it would only sit in the garage collecting dust. :( Have also considered the LP golf cart...

  3. I saw that multicolored flowered bike in our Target and I agree, it is a little too pricey. I like the pink one, though.

    A lot of people here really don't like the new line. They scoff at having to pay that much for stuff for their kids or themselves- and I don't really blame them. So much for people acting like Mt. Pleasant is a bunch of yuppies and rich folks (maybe they have money bc they don't spend it at Target... LOL). With it being at Target I do wish it was more affordable.

  4. I love the new look of your blog!

    And, how cool are these Lily bikes. I can so see you one one, tooling down the streets of Florence.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, sweet friend.

  5. Oh wow! Those Lily bikes would be perfect for the beach. The Target bikes are cute too. But not $499 cute.


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