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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Profile Pictures, What are your Thougths?

As I am wading through these changes on Southern Somedays and it's associated pages (Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest, etc.) I have been wondering about Profile Pictures and how folks feel about them.  For a long while I have used my "M" initial as my profile across the board, but just recently put up my photo as a profile picture on my Twitter page.  So, my question you like a photo profile picture on a blog and associated pages or do you care one way or another?  I have read all kinds of things about branding and social media so I am wondering if I should put up my photo or just stick with my "M"...thoughts???


  1. I love a photo, but that's just me. I am photo-obsessed, and I like to see the face of the person's voice I'm reading.

  2. I have a photo, but I suppose it doesn't matter to me!

  3. I like photos, because I like to think those whom I blog with are my friends, and I like to see their facies.

  4. I don't care either way. Of course I use Colonel Reb across the board.


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