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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Wow Mommy Moment

You know those Mom Days when you really think boarding school sounds really good?  I had one of those yesterday with my oldest DS.  He got in trouble because he let his grades slip…which on my radar is a pretty high offense.  This is a song and dance I have done regularly with this child as he isn’t crazy about the whole book learning part of school (the social scene is a totally different thing, trust me he is really good at that…)  So yesterday I pulled out the big guns and laid down some pretty hefty consequences that I intend to stand behind.  He got mad…heck, if I were 15.... I would have gotten mad too. 

But this afternoon, after he did his homework, he came into my office and said the words that almost took my breath away.  He said, “Thanks for caring.”  Of course, I was stunned and ask about what and then he said, “About my school and all.”

Wow, just wow……


  1. WOW, INDEED! That is breath-taking! Stunning! A sure moment to tresure!!! Don't you love how God can still prompt their true hearts to peek out beyond the wall of "too cool for school" when we need it?

  2. So nice to hear. Really, really nice.

  3. OH TEENAGERS! To think I used to be one! But those sweet moments get you through the everyday ones!

  4. He loves you. You love him...and he knows it. There's just something about boys and their mamas. ;)

  5. Awww! You are raising him to be compassionate too! You are a good mom!

  6. What a fabulous story--laying down the law isn't easy, but I can tell your son knows you want the best for him!


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