Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is YOUR style?

When it comes to decorating, do you know your style? 
Are you traditional, modern, country?  Or do you fall somewhere else all together or have a mix of all? 

My friend Kate, over at Southern Belle Simple, found a fun, little quiz that is supposed to help you narrow down your style.  Of course, I had to take it.  My results were:  "You most resemble a Park Avenue Cocktail."  According to my results, I am a Center hall, formal dining, stately living kind of gal.  My kitchen is my prize. Well, so good so far....

"Decorative, finished...elegant.  A tailored bedroom rewards a hard day's work. Like the painter's brush, your composition is done in living color.  A lady like table suitable to a royal wedding. Afternoon refreshments on the patio, Pre-war, upper-east side attitude. A den of discussion for artists and intellectuals."
Suspected "Park Avenue Cocktail" celebs include:  Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn & Frank Sinatra!

So, go on and take the quiz (you know you want to!) and tell me what your style is and what it says about you!
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  1. Mine was Bespoke Classic, a style I share with Ralph Lauren and Princess Diana. Go figure.

  2. Park Avenue cocktail, I picked the wood floors, black and white hat, fireplace in the bedroom!

  3. That was so much fun! I'm like you, Michelle, Park Avenue Cocktail. :)

  4. This was fun and the visuals were stunning. I am "Old Money Extravagance". HA! I share this with Winston Churchill and Anthony Hopkins. Me and Winston....we're tight like that.

  5. I've taken this before, and I was Bespoke Classic. I would agree with that one. Love it.

  6. Thanks for stopping by today!!

    I just took it and was labeled:
    "Old Money Extravagance"


    My poor hubby:)

  7. I love these kinds of quizes! I am Colonial Renaissance.

  8. I'm Colonial Rennaissance, which I share with Jacqueline Kennedy, go figure! What a fun quiz, thanks for sharing!

  9. Nice post. I'm traditional country, I think. I just like my house to be cozy and cheerful. Am now following from Serenity.

  10. I'm a Colonial Rennaissance gal. I guess that's alright considering they didn't have any plantations.

  11. Old Money Extravegance. Ha! If only there were some old money, or new money, around here I would certainly have some extravegance.

    That was fun!

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the follow!! I can't wait to try this quiz, my style is such a mix, it all depends on what day it is! LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. I already took this quiz (who doesn't love a quiz about themselves, right?) and I am "bespoke classic." I love Ralph Lauren stuff, so I guess it must be true :). I'm visiting via Serenity now!

  14. This was fun! I am Handcrafted Obsession -- pre-war, upper east side attitude, focused on good food & good friends, & I'm the chef. I share this with Frank Lloyd Wright, Grace Kelly, & Michael Caine. Wow, I never knew!

  15. Fun! I'm Bespoke Classic. I love fun quizzes like that. :) Thanks for linking up!


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