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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Kennedy's Home Movies - the fascination never dies.

Though some are gone, the fascination with this family never dies. I have read many books, watched countless documentaries, and love to look at photos of this family and it seems to never grow stale. They are the glamorous, fast living, embodiment of the American Dream. So, I will be on the sofa on Sunday night with my DD watching the The Kennedy's Home Movies .

Will YOU be watching?


  1. Most likely, I will. I was only 5 years old when John F Kennedy was assassinated but, no matter. I have still always been fascinated with them all! You're right- the fascination never dies!

  2. I already have it set up on my DVR! SO excited!

  3. I LOVE the Kennedy's!! I've always had a facination with them and Princess Diana! I WILL be getting up in the wee hours of the AM when her son, Prince William gets married-just as I did her wedding-hundreds, I mean several years ago!

  4. I do find them interesting, but likely won't watch this. You are right that they were just the embodiment of a glamorous family.

  5. I just find alot of their lives so tragic.


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