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Friday, January 28, 2011

Talented Friends

Don't you love it when you have friends that have talent oozing out of their very pores?  I am fortunate to have this with lots of my friends (I keep hoping to "catch" some of it).  I find all kinds of creative inspiration from their friendships, but probably none more than my friend Gloria Turner.  She and her husband, Sonny, were the neighbors who welcomed us with open arms when we bought our first house. They were the very 1st people to babysit our first born.  Gloria made our daughter's nursery just magical with a wall sized, hand painted mural that coordinated with the bedding. She is an amazingly talented artist and I think she captures just the essence of the South that I love.

We are fortunate to have a Gloria Turner hanging in our living room of our beloved Sullivan's Island, SC.

Sullivan's Island, SC

Here are a few more examples of her talent:

SC Flag

Tillman House

First Baptist, Cheraw, SC

I am hoping to be able to have her do a painting of my three children before they are all grown.
Don't you just love her work?
I knew when she got her web page up and rolling I would just have to share! 
Please check out her new web page to see more
She does originals, prints and beautiful note cards and accessories as well as teaching classes and workshops in her studio.

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  1. These paintings are beautiful! And I love the SC connection...I'm from Charleston!! I'm off to check our her website!

  2. How talented! I sure wish I had a neighbor like her!

  3. Beautiful work! I will be sure to look for her things next time I am in the Low Country. I especially love Sullivan's Island.

  4. I love the painting of the house! So talented!

  5. Really beautiful artwork. Such a talent she is.

  6. BEAUTIFUL next stop is Gloria's site :) Thanks for stopping by to say 'Hey' over at I love some bloggy love :) Us Carolina girls have to stick together!

  7. Wow- her work is stunning! How fun to have such a talented friend!

  8. The pictures are beautiful!

    I keep hoping the talent of my friends will rub off on me too.

  9. Her work is beautiful. You definitely need a portrait of your children.

  10. Michelle,how lucky you are to include her in your circle of friends. Her work is stunning. Thanks so much for sharing her site today.

  11. She is very gifted!! I know I'd love to have a real painting of my kids. :)

  12. She is awesome! I recognized that church in Cheraw. My daughter used to go to school in that beautiful town. Carla

  13. Love those paintings-beautiful! I wanted to thank you for the sweet b-day wishes and for your fb message-I haven't had much internet access since I've been out of town and I want to respond when I can write something meaningful back. Have a great Monday! xoxo

  14. Very talented indeed! Those are just beautiful and you so should get one done with your kiddos! It would surely be a keepsake!


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