Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring ideas...

It has been a particularly long, and cold winter this year ~ even in the South.  Old Man winter had quite a vigorous hold on us this year and has fought to keep himself alive and well more than I remember in the past few winters.  Well, I am done with it...finished...Spring is what I want.  Let the daffodils and tulips burst into bloom!   I want to hear the loud songs from the azaleas! Today was a lovely day here and I got the urge to start thinking ahead to Easter just in time for Martha Stewart to send one of  her great idea emails. IF you don't receive them, pop over and sign up for just the kind you would like.  I love them!  Here is a link to some of her cool Spring and Easter ideas:  Martha Stewart's Everything Easter

So, do you decorate for Spring and Easter?  I am looking so forward to it!


  1. I am so ready for spring!

    Enjoyed a first visit. Will be following.

    Come see me.

  2. Yes girl! I am over the winter time blues! When the sun is out I just feel better!! I do decorate a little for spring but this year I may just go ALL OUT! :)

  3. Growing up we never decorated for spring but I have loved collecting some springy things over the last couple of years. Putting them out always brightens my mood!
    I don't get marthas emails but they look fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am so ready for spring as well.I love that photo with the birds on the tree.

  5. Even living in South Florida, I am ready for Spring and Easter...just so I can wear open-toed shoes and white stuff! I love the smell of spring and the color of the clothes I wear during the season! I decorate in pink & green in my dining room. This year I decorating my kitchen area with black bunnies and pale colors {instead of pinks & greens} to along with my present decor.


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