Friday, March 26, 2010

Hooked on Houses, have you seen it?

Have you see this site? IT is wonderful (and trust me... time consuming, because once you start you can't stop)!!! I love houses and this website just hits my love button. I don't know if many of you know it, but when I went to college ~ back in the day ~ I studied Interior Design; so, although I don't practice anymore, I still have a deep love of houses and homes. I suppose it is a bit voyeristic, but I just love looking at houses of all kinds.

Not to mention, with our upcoming move, I am loving looking at this website and trying to find some inspiration for our new home! So y'all head over and take this quiz to see if you are "Hooked on Houses" like me  ....I scored a perfect 13! What is your score?


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  2. Thanks for the tip on the website! I am going to have to check it out. I love your blog and have it listed on blog list. I hope you take a chance to check it out when you get a chance. Have a great day! Maria

  3. This is so nice! Thanks for the shout-out. You made my day. :-)

  4. Oh, I love this site! Thanks for reminding about it. I found it when I was looking for photos of the house in "Something's Gotta Give" but I haven't looked at much besides the movie houses. Fun!

  5. Hey! Pop over to my blog when you have a minute. I left something for you!



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