Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter in North Georgia

Last week, I headed north to Anna Ruby Falls to take some photos. It was a clear, sunny and quiet morning and it was absolutely gorgeous. This was a rare morning when I felt completely and totally indulged. It has been a long time since I planned a solo road trip like that.

There is something magical about the winter woods. The sounds are different and light falls at unique angles; so different than during the months when there are leaves on the trees. When I was younger I used to love hiking in the winter woods but haven't done a lot of it in the last few years (decades!). As part of my paring down and simplifying goals, I am hoping to indulge in some simple joys, like those found at the falls, a bit more in 2009!


  1. beautiful pictures... makes me want a warm cup of coco, smile~

  2. These are gorgeous! How wonderful that you could get some time alone like that! There is something "timeless" about these photos.

  3. These photos are AMAZING!! You really have such an eye! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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