Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seed Catalog Lust

Well, the bug has hit. No, we aren’t sick, but I have been looking at the recently arrived seed catalogs. Last week, even, I read a blog post somewhere that talked about Seed Catalog Lust and I thought to myself how weird that this year I hadn’t felt it. HA! Now, I do.

Today it is a beautiful, clear, sunny, 25 degree morning which has me huddled up looking at my spring seed catalogs. There is just something exciting about looking at all the plants, planning and plotting what to try, where to plant them and imagining the outcome. I love it. I am also a real sucker for those unusual (non-traditional) sounding offerings some of the catalogs offer…who wouldn’t be absolutely over the moon for a tree that produces 5 different fruits? Yes, I have had one of those!

So, do you think I need gooseberries or sea berries? Or maybe I should just grow my own Luffa sponges???


  1. I remember your gorgeous photos of your garden goodies last summer. Did you do the porch/deck garden?? I remember reading about that and I was thinking maybe it was you. I want to try one this year.

  2. I totally wish I had a green thumb. :( Mine's as black as coal. Good luck with your seeds! Can't wait to see the blooms!

  3. I need to start looking at what to do with my much to do!

  4. It was sunny today in my part of Oklahoma. It got up to 81 degrees! That's crazy for this time of year, but I sure enjoyed it.
    My husband has a very large garden and he also has started getting these magazines in the mail. makes me hungry for the good 'ole veggies.
    Thanks for the comment about your Esther study.
    I think it'll all work out for good. I'm sure loving the study.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Belle, I don't know what you will choose to do this summer...but I can't wait to see! I remember last year and you have that green thumb to grow anything. Blessings, Nancy

  6. Oooh so fun! I've always wanted a garden full of those amazing heirloom tomatoes and squash! We of course have another solid 4-5 months up here before the ground thaws.

  7. Oh I have such a bad case of spring fever. Hurry hurry spring!

    I love seed catalogs too. It always makes me long for spring.


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