Saturday, January 19, 2008

More snow photos...

Sadly, our snow never amounted to quite what was forcast but the children had some fun playing in the tiny bit that did arrive.
They had to seek out the "best" places to attempt some sledding.

At least there was enough for some sneak attack snow ball throwing!


  1. Hi!

    Loved seeing your snow photos! We haven't gotten any down here on the coast, but it is awfully nippy!!

    I think your big pink flower at the top of the blog is gorgeous!!

    Bebe ~ a GA girl, too! :)

  2. Great photos! We got quite a bit of sleet and ice the next a.m. but no snow - kids were bummed. They were hoping for inches and inches.
    Have a fabulous week.

  3. We still have some because J4 went to a friend's house and used up all theirs sledding and making snowmen!

    Too nippy for me. My blood has thinned in the last 20 years, I am a hearty midwesterner no more!

  4. Can you believe snow twice in one week? Man has it been cold. It is pretty but I sure will be happy to see warmer weather. :-)

    Have a blessed week.

    Hugs, Lyndy

  5. Please tell them they are welcome to come and get some of our snow here...we have plenty to share! Glad they had a fun day.

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  7. We had the same sort of snow west of Atlanta. It was spotty, but while it was coming down it was simply magical.


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