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Saturday, January 19, 2008

It is snowing in North Georgia! is snowing (for the 2nd time this week!).

When we lived in Upstate NY this wouldn't have qualified as a snow but since we have yet to see any real snow in the 4 years since being back in GA this is a pretty big deal! Also, this is the 1st real snow for our lab Dixie Belle - she loves it! DD was tossing snow balls in the air and Dixie Belle had a great time "catching" them. Oh, and DD says her Wellies were wonderful out in the snow and so fashionable!

I will take more photos later in the afternoon when the boys are out and about so you can see our tiny bit of winter in the south.


  1. OH I am jealous. It's just bitter cold here in Nashville. No pretty fluffy stuff. We got a bit the other night and I let the girls go out with coats over their dress up princess clothes for about 2 minutes. ;)

  2. Such fun! I can't believe it snowed AGAIN on Saturday. Our dogs finally got out in it once thr flurries stopped. And it was so fun to have it on a weekend where we could actually enjoy it!

  3. Oh how fun! We thought we might get a few flurries yesterday,but it didn't happen! The kids were dissappointed!

  4. Michelle, that is a beautiful picture of your daughter and Dixie Belle. We enjoyed the snow too at our house. Just wish it had stuck around a little longer.

  5. So cute!

    I'm happy to ship you my snow piles if you would like more. We are low at the moment but I am sure sooner than later we will have more than I can stand.

  6. AH, we got some snow is south South Carolina, too!!!!


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