Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Strangers!

Merry Christmas, bloglanders! Yes, it has been a while (Thanksgiving - blush - I think). It has been a very busy season here at Southern Somedays so I have had to take a blogging break and sadly I wasn't polite enough to make that note to all you sweet people who sent me emails and comments.

We have survived the Christmas season relatively scar free, but not without feeling frazzled. This year was the 1st Christmas that I have worked outside the home since we have had children. I generally become "Martha" and all things festive magically appear and are organized for my family...not so much this year! We didn't have as many photo moments to be sure and I am struggling with that - I love them as much as the children do. Gifts weren't purchased and wrapped and under the tree from day 1 (yes, I was still shopping last Friday which I did NOT like in the least bit!). Cookies were not baked (at my house, at least), and caterers were good friends this year. Well, it may not have been Marthaesque but it did get done!

Even with the crazy/busy we have had a wonderful Christmas season full of blessings.

Blessing: we were able to find a bit of time each Sunday evening to celebrate our family version of Advent. We spent precious time gathered in our kitchen reading from the Bible and lighting the candles of our Advent Wreath. It was one of the high lights of the season.

Blessing: We also were able to go caroling to shut-ins from our church one Wednesday Night.

Blessing: DH and I celebrated 19 years of marriage...though he did take DD to a concert that night (what? LOL).

Blessing: Our family was blessed, as usual, by the Christmas Music Program done by the Lower School which both our sons are in. BTW, it was a CHRISTMAS Program complete with God, Jesus and the true meaning behind the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessing: DD took part in our Church's annual Christmas Production and Dinner theatre and we were all so very proud of her. She also had her 1st Voice Recital last Friday night and we were blown away by her talent (where did she get that?).

BIG Blessing: I suppose the true highlight was last night, when our youngest DS was baptised during our Church's Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. It was even more special knowing that our oldest DS was baptised 4 years ago, also in the Christmas Candlelight Service. Knowing that all 3 of my children have accepted Christ and have made a public profession of faith is all the Christmas Gift that this Mommy could ask for.

Busy or not I know that we are so blessed and God is so good and merciful and full of grace. Grace that I can't begin to grasp...Mercy that came in a manger...Merry Christmas all.


  1. Merry Christmas stranger! I was wondering where you have been, but I did remember that you were working outside the home this year and figured all your spare time was being spent with the family!
    Great photo of the family! Sounds like you have had many blessings this season!

  2. That is a HUGE blessing...knowing that all your family will live eternally with the Father.. Welcome to the family!!

  3. Welcome back, Bell-ah. Glad you had such a blessed Christmas season. Happy New Year!

  4. Yep, you are very blessed! Glad you had a good one! :-) Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry belated Christmas stranger! Wow, you were right you've been busy. Congratulations on your anniversary, the school programs, and the baptism of your son.

    Great to see you back in blogland!

    I hope you enjoy the last weekend in 2007 and have a BLESSED 2008!

    Sandy :)

  6. It's good to have you post again, and what a beautiful family photo!

    Don't be hard on yourself...you certainly can't do it all and work outside the home, too! I'm not working outside the home yet, and I still can't do all that I hope to do every year!

    Glad you did have a nice Christmas, and what wonderful blessings you listed!
    (We did the Sunday Advent devotions, too!)
    A happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. The photo is beautiful, everyone looks so happy. Hugs from Jess down south!!

  8. What a beautiful family!! So happy to hear your Christmas was magical!


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