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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why yes, it is Hawt!

Hey, aren't we lucky? We are in the "cooler" northern area of the state and rumor has it that it is much hotter elsewhere. my world this number translates to about 752 degrees.



Where are you???


  1. It is stifling and unbearble.

    Ed and his golfing buddy decided it was a good idea to walk last weekend. That did not end well.

  2. Hmm, and here in the Northwest we are unseasonably cool. Jealous??? He He. ~Karlie

  3. It's dreadfully HOT down here in the middle part of this gorgeous state. Heat index last night at 8p.m. was 115 degrees. Today they are calling for 106. Hair goes flat, frizzy and make up sweats off. What's a southern girl to do but stay inside with a good book and hang out in the air conditioning! hehehe

    Have a fabulous weekend.


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