Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another friend has caught the blog-bug!

Before I head out to the pool I wanted to plug my girlie friends new blog (she just started...shall we say peer pressure??). Y'all welcome her to blogland because I must be good to her since she is my direct pipeline to the J. Crew Clearance store (which, BTW, is way better than the outlet stores that are across the country!).


  1. Thanks for sharing her blog. I'll be checking it frequently. Congrats on graduating! You must be soooo excited!!

  2. Consider it done, girlfriend!


  3. Just visited your site for the first have lovely boys and a wonderful site! Love the picture at the top of your blog!
    congrat's on graduating!! I am off to check out your girl friends site...I too live in Virginia...
    Thanks for a nice visit!!

  4. Thanks for letting people know about my blog. I'm already having so much fun and looking forward to meeting lots of nice folks!


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