Monday, July 2, 2007

July and Patriotism

Last night, as I was walking through town I thought about how the lovely town that I live in has a wonderous sense of patriotism, in a traditional sense. We don't just wait for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans, Flag Day, etc. to fly the flag. There is a deep seated love of this nation and what it stand for that seeps into the pores of those who live here. But give us a traditionally patriotic holiday and you will see some preparation for the celebration to be sure...maybe we just like to celebrate? I snapped these photos and hope they help you get in the spirit of celebration for the blessing that this nation is! These are everyday signs of love for America...please check back for the shots I took of the homes that are decked out for the celebration!


  1. There is nothing I love better than to see a house with the flag flying out front!
    The next time you plan a trip to the Asheville area, you should try the Biltmore Inn. We were tried and true Grove Park devotees, but we were impressed with the Biltmore Inn. The past few times at the Grove Park things just weren't as they used to be!

  2. I Love the Header photo and all the flags too. So Beautiful. Have a Wonderful week. Jamie

  3. You are so lucky to live in such a divine and patriotic neighborhood. I am happy for you! Love, Lori

  4. Lovely portraits of true Americana. Thank you for sharing them!


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