Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Katy!!!!

Tomorrow, my dear friend Katy (the Queen of Retail Therapy!) is having a birthday. I was hoping to find a photo of us together from "back in the day" to post here in honor of this special day but those must be in a box somewhere.

Katy is an Atlanta Shopper Extraordinaire and does a spot on the radio and also has a wonderful website that shares her shopping finds with the rest of us.

So, if you have a minute will you please pop over and leave her a Happy Birthday comment? Thanks!!!!


  1. You are so super sweet!! Thank you for the Birthday shout out!

    Love you!!!


  2. Belle thanks for your visit and wonderful comments. RE your comments on Poke Weed. Although I've never eaten Poke myself, I am from the Deep South and have heard of it all my life. My parents were from GA. My mother didn't care for Poke and I'm guessing that's why I never had it. My grandparents,I've heard, loved the stuff. I do like a lot of wild edibles so may just try some Poke Salet one of these fine days!! We certainly have enough of it around here.

    Now I'm off to check your friend's site. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to your friend, Katy! Would have loved to see a picture! ;)

    P.S...I'm doing a little book giveaway this week, if you're interesting...:)

  4. Love your friend Katy's link! Thanks!


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