Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Does Santa only visit good boys and girls?

I usually try to wait until November before I pull out the Christmas music, but yesterday – October 31st – I gave in. On the way to dropping children off at school I pulled out the Burl Ives Christmas CD and popped it in. It was just what I needed! (you can go to this site and listen to individual tracks if you are so inclined). I love Christmas and Christmas music.

Listening to “Santa Claus is coming to Town”, though, brought out some questions from DS#2 (who is 5). He asked about Santa bringing cold. It took me just a minute to determine he was asking about coal not cold. So, in my Motherly Authority I gave him the low down on Santa and his tendency to bring presents to good boys and girls.

DS#2 then asked about what pouting meant (remember he is listening the song as we are talking) and then clarified what I had told him about good boys and girls and the whole you “better not cry, you better not pout, etc.” I explained pouting and confirmed his understanding of our deep philosophical discussion. Silence from the backseat….which generally means something in the form of a grand question or proclamation is forth coming…DS#2 states, “Well, he brought me stuff last year”.

Now, where is my November/December leverage?????


  1. Wow, You've got the Christmas spirit early! When we shopped at Target this morning they were completly stocked for Christmas and had Christmas music playing. This was at 9 am the day after Halloween!!

  2. Now that's funny, I don't care who ya' are.

    You're making me miss Georgia and East Tennessee. That's what it looks like in Chattanooga this time of year. Beautiful!

  3. I do that too. Listen to Christmas music early. In fact, I used to go through a spell where I listened to it in mid-summer for a few weeks.

    The story about your child was sweet and very funny...

  4. I listen to Christmas all year long. I try not to listen to it with the windows down in the middle of summer so people won't think I'm completely nuts but for it something that just makes me happy. So, why not??

  5. Great story!! And DS2 is getting to be sharp as a tack! Boy do they grow up fast.

  6. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...ahhh, the sweet sound of Burl Ives and his Christmas songs...I want that album!

    (and, BTW, sounds like there is no leverage at hand :)

  7. Gotta love how their little minds work. Cute! :-)

  8. What a sweet way of looking at the Holidays!!! I love what your Son said. Bless kids. They can sure come out with precious observations!!!!

  9. I just realized who that photograph of Burl Ives looks like...

    Red Foxx...[vbg]


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