Sunday, September 10, 2017

Who doesn't want to be Miss America?

Is there a little girl out there who didn't, at some point, entertain the idea of being Miss America? I mean, even if only for the crown?  Isn't that why it is so easy to conjure up the tune...."There she is, Miss America......?" 

When I was little, my best friend Sonja and I, would always make a big deal about the Miss America pageant.  Her Mom was sweet enough to build the hype quite a bit as well.  We always had a sleep over and little pads for scoring but mostly I remember during the commercials sashaying up and down their center hallway in what I think might have been her Mother's crinoline from her wedding dress.  It was long and flowing and to two starry eyed little girls, beautiful and just like the gowns the young ladies on TV were wearing!  If only we had a crown and scepter to complete the look!  What fun we had.   

Of course, this was well before today's world of pageants and pageant "systems" run amok. It was a time when it felt glamorous, very exclusive and elegant.   I think the reason I still enjoy the Miss America pageant is that it still holds on to at least a bit of it's original mission and flavor.  So tonight, you will find me watching and pulling for my state's lovely contestant, Suzi Roberts!  I find myself particularly big fans of our Southern girls in general, and love that we are usually well represented in the finals! 

Harvey threw a punch at Texas last week and Irma is making a mess in other parts of the South tonight but I know our beautiful Belles will walk the runway and make us proud because that is what a steel magnolia does when she is on the hunt for a crown.
Miss South Carolina Suzi Roberts
Go Suzi!!!!

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