Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thankfulness Recap!

I am proud of myself as I have kept up my daily thankfulness shares on Facebook so here is my recap for you:
  • Thankfulness, Day 7: I am thankful for the 2 fur babies I get to share life with! They complete our family...not to mention are a continual source of loose fur.
  • Thankfulness, Day 8: Today I am incredibly thankful that I live in a nation kept safe by heroes of many kinds that wear many uniforms and I have the freedom to be involved in choosing my next President! What a HUGE blessing!!!
  • Thankfulness, Day 9: I am thankful for friends. What is life without those special people?
  • Thankfulness, Day 10: Thankful for my job. At times it feels overwhelming but I do see God's hand in my work path. I am especially thankful for my sister Managers and all their support, encouragement and the things they continue to share and teach me. 
  • Thankfulness, Day 11: I am so very thankful for all the men & women who have served to protect our great nation. If it were not for our Veterans we would not have the privileges, opportunities and freedoms we take for granted.
  • Thankfulness, Day 12: I am thankful for a trip to the Southern Christmas Show today. It is a tradition I love and always puts me in the spirit of the holidays. 
  • Thankfulness, Day 13: I am thankful that my children have had the opportunity to attend great Christian schools. They have been blessed with a Biblical World view and amazing teachers!
Worth my Thankfulness, Day 14 (5 years later!)November 14, 2011Florence
30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 14: I am so very thankful for the policemen & firemen (and women) that risk their lives daily to keep us safe.
  • Thankfulness, Day 15: I am thankful for the access to medical care. We have the best, most caring professionals around!
Live Thankfully!

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