Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lets talk purses....

If you understand the above quote then I am sure we can be friends...if not, well I can be sure it will be a much more challenging friendship to grow.  You see, I am very particular about my purses.  I am not sure when this particular idiosyncrasy happened, but somewhere along the line it hit me in a way very little else in fashion does.  My life is about fashion, cosmetics, fragrance and jewelry by trade so I do happen to love most of those things dearly and am very grateful that I get to have a career dealing with beautiful and wonderful things, but when it comes to MY purse all bets are off. 
In truth, I am not sure anyone could purchase a purse for me that I would love unless I specifically told them which one ahead of time.  I don't even have a brand name need in the purses I love. I will shop in the oddest of places for just the right purse.  Right now I am carrying a Prada black paten tote, which will soon be replaced by an adorable bit of spring I found which carries no fancy name.  For me, a purse has to be so many things: it has to be the right weight, the right strap length, big enough for my life, be able to sit upright and politely when placed on the floor or table, slim enough to sit next to me in the car and above all else it has to be CUTE!  Yes, CUTE!  I like flair in my purse and I don't desire to see anyone else carrying the same one. Thinking back I think don't think that has ever happened! 
I am not a daily purse swapper, nor do I generally match them to my outfit. I am seasonal purse girl and right now I am itching for Easter to arrive so I can pull out my newest find which thrills me to no end!  I saw it online and had to order it right away and it hit on all the right marks and is just sitting in my closet whispering to me that Spring is almost here......

Now all I have to do is find an Easter dress that coordinates with my new purse and the stars will be aligned!

So tell me about your purse-son-ality?



  1. I am 100% not a purse changer. I will wear one out before I change. :-P I also prefer small wristlets, b/c the bigger the purse, the more crap I stuff in it "just in case"...however, I never clean it out, and I end up never using any of the "just in case" stuff, b/c I forget what's in there - I'd just carry around a ten ton purse for no reason beyond my wallet & occasionally a pen. :-D

  2. This is so funny, because I am obsessive about purses I carry too. It is the one accessory that I will spend serious $$ to have. I think its because I feel like it is something I have to carry every day, I work out of my purse at times, and I am not a daily or weekly or outfit matching changer either. I do like to switch out with seasons...spring/summer and fall/winter. Currently I'm carrying a Kate Spade, leather, cream and black number. Last summer I found one of my favorite purses ever, it was a navy and cream Coach bag, nice and roomy enough for work, magazines, or a book. I do like a wristlet too, if I'm out just shopping or ballgames. I like to buy purses ahead of time, like the end of a season, on sale, and preferably at the outlet mall. I purchased the Kate Spade purse last summer, after the 4th of July at a big sale at the outlet mall, knowing I would save it for Fall. If it is a high priced brand, then I'm going to try and plan ahead and catch it at the end of season. But yes, I'm a serious purse person, much more so than I am with clothes and even shoes.

  3. I am still in love with my Coach purse I gave myself for paying off my student loans. I struggle as the cute seem to be really big or wristlets.


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