Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our family grew by 4 giant feet!

Those feet might not look so big there, because that was the day we brought Miss SC home but you would not believe how much she has grown since.  At 13 weeks she has tripled her weight and size and she has a long way to go.  She is a German Shepard from a European blood line so we expect a large girl (what my son wanted) and we are all going through the growing pains of having a "baby in the house."  Miss SC likes to dig in her water bowl and likes to try to carry it around while it is full of water.  If there is mud outside to be found she zeros in on it.  She can't leave our cocker spaniel alone and she is extremely vocal...extremely.  She seems to have something to say about everything. Oh, and lets not forget those razor sharp baby teeth....they can't be gone soon enough.
Miss SC is my son's dog....ALL HIS.   He has had some learning to do because puppies are a lot of work and he has lost a bit of sleep here and there being a puppy daddy. I can't wait until she is old enough to go to puppy school!  Over all though, it is fun having her around and watching her run around like a drunken sailor.  It is as if all her parts are connected and haven't decided to cooperate with each other yet.  So, we have big, floppy, clumsy, loud fun running at top speeds most of the time sweet mess.  The only one really complaining is poor Miss Macy who was totally not prepared for the tornado that moved in.

Mama saying goodbye to her baby girl.  
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  1. She is beautiful! I have had three German Shephards in my life and know my next pup will be another one. Better start saving now right?


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