Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Can we be in March Already?

What a busy month it has been!  I was so determined to get back to regular blogging and then this little thing called life got in the way.  Either way I was probably way too grumpy to blog so maybe it was a good thing.  Grumpy, you say?  Yes...the weather has made me very grumpy.  We have had what feels like constant rain.  Now I know that isn't near as bad as the snow and ice much of the country has gotten but the dreary, cloudy days just make me feel blah....The high point to where I live, though,  is that generally we get a taste of Spring before other parts of the country.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with anything but the traditional big, white magnolia blooms that the South is famous for these last two photos are also magnolias.  The white one is a Star Magnolia and the lovely pink one is a Saucer Magnolia (sometimes called a tulip tree.)  So, the blooms have definitely helped my mood and I have tried to keep some blooms in the house as well.
So, are you seeing Spring where you live?  What do you like to do to bring a Spring feeling to your house?



  1. Way too much rain here today. But, I talked to a guy in NYC today. He told me that when he left home this morning it was 22 degrees. Made me happy to be here.

  2. It's nice to see such lovely flowers instead of ice, snow and slush! Happy Spring!

    Wendy Q

  3. I cannot WAIT for spring to arrive...the weather has been so bad up here. Gloomy as well. Waiting for a week of full, warm sunshine!

  4. We had such a chilly grey winter, too!!! It made me grumpy, as well!!! But I'm on the mend: our Judas trees (the purple/pink flowering branch trees) began blooming the 1st of March, and now, all the green has finally filled in our trees. Leafing out makes me so much happier than seeing branches!!!


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