Monday, February 4, 2013


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From my devotional today, "What will it take for you to come to that settled place where the central desire of your life is, "God, I just want more of you?"*   

Does anyone else wonder this for their own lives?  I do continually and sometimes I even seem to get a glimpse of that place...then I look away at something new, something shiny...something to distract me and catch the attention of my selfish desires.  This was the focus of my devotional today in a series on covetousness, which is funny to those who know me well because "coveted" is a very regular word in my vocabulary to describe all kinds of things, particularly a good parking spot.

I have learned a great deal about myself with this series especially about my  desire for the "right things at the wrong time."  I would never consider myself covetous in the sense that I see things others have and I desire them...but I do see things that I want for the sake of want.  I want it now, I want more than I might need, and want more than I need to fulfill God's plans for my life.  It seems that most of those "want things" are truly just a distraction to let myself stay focused on making myself number 1.  I use my wants to keep my focus off what I should focus on and that is contentment and the overwhelming blessings in my life and what I have.  Focusing on wanting a new pair of cute shoes is much easier than focusing on what God has called me to do...particularly if that calling might be a wee bit uncomfortable.  So, in the vain of transparency, I am here to say I struggle with covetousness but I so want to find that settled place where God is my central desire...

God granted them their request, but sent leanness into their lives.
Psalm 106:15 (ISV)

*The Word For You Today
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  1. loved reading this- i agree. My wants can get very distracting some times, but I love the moments when I realize how great everything is i already have

  2. For 5 long years my ultimate desire was to move back "home" & live South; I *coveted* that move. More than anything. More than His plan. It wasn't until I broke down and *meant it* when I said, "send us in Your timing" that I found any joy & growth in what He had for me in those years. And now! OH, THE JOY!!!!!! I've never felt contentment like this before in my life. Ever. ...And it makes me wonder, "Would I be this content here now had I not gone through those trials?"

  3. Thank you for finding my blog. I just came to yours and love it. I'm a new follower!


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