Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wading into Coupons

I used to be a devoted (and if I do say so myself, pretty successful) couponer.  Then we moved.  We moved to an area where the Sunday paper didn't come with a plethora of coupons just waiting to be piggy backed onto sales.  So, I fell out the habit.  But with the new year has come a desire to relearn the frugal practices I used to use and be a better steward of my resources. 

Last night I sat down, clipped my coupons (what few came in the Sunday paper, that is), looked through the weekly sale papers and decided what to get and where then headed out for my 1st stop on the coupon success train.  I took my 11 year old with me, warning  him that he would have to be patient with the process.  I knew it had been a long time since I had couponed as he didn't remember me ever doing it!  We hit CVS first and I think we did pretty good for our first time out in a long while.  Once he got the hang of the process he kind of got into it as well, not to mention it was a good learning lesson in translating money into fraction word problems as we went!  We saved $24.68 and got $15.00 in Extra Care Bucks back to use in the future and I got to stock up on things we definitely will be using in the future like body wash, makeup, tissues, etc. 

So, I feel pretty accomplished and am determined to get back on the band wagon and become the frugalista I have always wanted to be!!!  Oh, and I had forgotten what a high it was to save so much and come out of a store with a ton of things without spending a ton of money.

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  1. Harris Teeter is the place to go :). I'm headed there this morning after run club, will let ya know how I do!

  2. Good for you! :) Our little town paper doesn't offer any coupons! I really wish they did!

    You have a beautiful blog, love the layout! ...Now following you! And Thanks for popping into visit me!

  3. We have not had many coupons in our papers in months. Or at least the ones I pick up at the store but we get some with the junk mail.

  4. I use to be a pretty hard core couponer and let it fall by the way side. Now that I am not working and at home, I need to find more ways to pinch those pennies. I have started on the coupon trail once again. I must, must, must get into the CVS mode, since I never did previously.


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