Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC Part 2

Here are some quick photos I snapped while at the show.  Please excuse the quality as I was using my phone rather than a real camera!

So, are you all ready to get your decorating done???


  1. Ohhhh love this!

    Honey, I started decorating last night.....shhhh

    I am going to do a Home Tour Tuesday the 2nd Tuesday in Dec so ya better get your "decorating on" !

    I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving,

  2. Loved all the pictures Michelle! Especially the Light Brite-that's my generation!! haha!

  3. I love Christmas shows and Christmas Homes Tours -- you get so many great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  4. my mom would love this christmas show. We already have 3 trees up at our house!

  5. Beautiful photos! You must have had so much fun looking around the show.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Ahhh, I LOVE Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is passed, I can't wait to get in the Christmas spirit!

  7. I forgot to ask you about your trip. It was extremely crowded and we had to rush through the designs. :( My favorite was the little boy room.


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