Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Mommy Musings...Fashion Struggles

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The last year, or so, has found me at an age where at times I find myself struggling a bit with adjusting to this new season of life - you know the one that seems to arrive after that 40th birthday .  Some of the struggles have been pretty easy to adjust to when I realized that, is better on this side of the fence (see this post: Looking Backwards.)

Then there are other areas where I don't quite know where I fit.  Fashion is a major one.  I do NOT want to be one of those Moms who dresses (or tries to dress) like a 20 year old.  For the record, my 14 year old son calls those the "fancy Moms" and not in a flattering "fancy" kind of way...  Yes, I can still get into most of the 20 year old wear but, frankly, that look just doesn't quite fly anymore.  On the other hand, I am not ready for geriatric wear either.  The thing I find most frustrating when shopping is that most petite departments seem to think if you are not a Junior, but are petite, you want to dress like you are 90!  WHAT is that about???

Also, (like it or not)  I can't seem to wear the heels I used to wear daily.  This has been a big source of stress!!!  For what ever reason, the balls of my feet and one of my knees seem to launch all kinds of complaints when I try to pull that off.  So this year I have bought several pairs of flats. I do like them and have tried to make sure they were really cute...but I still struggle with not wearing heels.  That little voice in my heads seems to taunt me with "I thought YOU would always wear heels...blah...blah...blah."  I don't want to be condemned to the land of ugly, prison guard shoes.

So, if you are looking for me at the mall you may find me wandering around with a vague look on my face trying to find something to wear that falls somewhere between the low rider jeans, duck embroidered sweatshirts and yoga pants.....


  1. I hear you girl! I swear, if I ever think Alfred Dunner looks good....smack me! And I detest Chico's, Coldwater Creek and J.Jill--I always feel sooo old when I go into any of those store (and who wants to wear a jacket that resembles a carpet anyway?) I always try to like Steinmart, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not that "fancy"--it's a great place for mens clothes and shoes, but I rarely find something for me there. So I'm in the same boat....I'm not THAT old, but there doesn't seem to be a happy medium anymore.

  2. Don't worry sweetheart, I haven't been able to wear heels for longer than an hour or two for years-and I'm 37! I even had to have surgery on my big toe to replace a joint so that I could still walk without pain!

  3. I feel that if you stick with classic styles it helps this problem a lot. You can never go wrong with cords, polos, and cable knit sweaters! :)

  4. I am right there with ya! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when my fun little bling-bling flip flops are no longer appropriate in the cold weather!!!

    I'm a plus size momma -but NOT an obese momma - now try finding clothes that aren't frumpy and granny-like for a big busted 42 year old momma that still finds its important to be fashionalbe~! UGH!!

    I also don't really need to spend $100+ on jeans to wear to Wally-World, but I'd like to find a happ medium in there somewhere that isn't my 20 yr olds' closet OR my 70 yr old mother's closet!

  5. This was a good post.

    I have terrible feet, and this time of year gets tough because I tend to only wear comfortable shoes. I've bought two pairs of ballet shoes that hurt my feet.

    I think The City Boy has a good point.


  6. Totally understand and get that "feeling" of not knowing! I'm actually at that "geriatric" age (I guess) when I could probably do the elastic-waist stuff & embroidered stuff, but I truly don't feel that age. I have reached the "age" where my shoes are now organized by how long I can "bear the pain" -- 1/2 hour, 1 hour, you get the picture. I'm also on a mission to find where I misplaced the "figure" that used to look cute in leggings and tunics -- can't find it anywhere!
    :) CAS

  7. Girl, you are singing my song...and it's not a tune that's easy on the ears.

    Wish we could shop together...we could "police" each other. LOL

  8. Too funny! I know what you mean about heels. I love how they look but I usually only attempt them on Sundays to church. :) I love the flats in the pic. They are very cute!! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. I so feel your pain in the petite dept. It's a major peeve of mine. The LOFT has a fabulous petite section with clothes that are stylish, well-fit, and yet do not look like they came from the juniors dept. As far as heels go, for winter I buy my boots one size too big and put those orthopedic insoles (from the drugstore)or tennis shoe insoles in them. Makes them uber comfy!

  10. Like lots of others who've commented, I too feel your pain! Literally: in the feet, and Figuratively: in the wardrobe!

    It's so hard to find the right balance and not just 'disappear' as a woman, which seems to happen once you've gotten to a certain age!

    Thanks for this!

  11. I really need to find a pair of low heels that do not kill my feet! I have lots of nice skirts and dresses, but feel funny wearing them with flats and my tennis shoes is definitely not a look I want.


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