Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As we have been traveling during the Christmas holidays this year,  I finally get to start tackling the official deChristmafication process tomorrow.  Actually, as OCD as it may be, I have had to fight an urge to go home early from our trip just to start!  I love Christmas decorations, but I hate putting them away from a practical standpoint and just want to get it over with ASAP after the presents have been opened, but this year that didn't happen. 

One thing I am doing this year to ease my pain, is to get new storage containers for our gazillion ornaments.  Really, I am excited about this!  I have been shopping for a month for just the right containers.  I have found a couple like the one above and to the left that are just what I have been looking for.

But if I had some real spare change, I would get these from Frontgate because....well, because they are just so darned pretty! Frontgate Plaid Ornament Storage 


  1. This year, the first ornament organizer that you pictured was my Black Friday purchase! I got 4 at Michael's and it was so great getting to organize ornaments and know that they will be safe for years to come.

  2. I like it all organized too and I love the Frontgate boxes. LOVE!

  3. Loving the plaid! I started the DeChristmasfication yesterday evening and have just a few things to put away. This years clean up went rather quick. :)

  4. Love those plaid storage containers. I'm afraid I'd have to find a way to incorporate them into my Christmas decor because I wouldn't want to stow them away. Too, too cute!

  5. Happy New Year to you!! I am very jealous that you have already taken down your decorations- we are bad and have not...

    Also, I agree! I get giddy thinking about the fresh new year (and notebook/datebook). I need to buy one tomorrow!! All the best in 2011!!


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