Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Southern Lit Pick of the Week: Between The Tides by Patti Callahan Henry

Me with Patti Callahan Henry
I don’t know when I have been more excited to talk about a book than this week. I am so excited because just a few days after I finish Between the Tides by Patti Callahan Henry, I was able to attend a luncheon where she spoke, talked about her writing and I met her in person! When you read someone’s book it is impossible to know the personality that is truly behind the words, so to read a book and then almost immediately meet the author is quite an interesting experience. It was great to hear this author’s thoughts on how writing evolves for her and what several of her books have meant for her personally.

I read Between the Tides in one night. Yes, one night, because a couple of interesting details really drew me in personally…one being a character named Piper. I have a daughter named Piper! Then there was a little boy named Sam, with green eyes. I have a little boy named Sam with green eyes! So, for me, those two coincidences kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning (yes, it was painful dragging out of bed for church the next morning).

Between the Tides is a true Southern novel that is set in the South Carolina Low Country where the main character, Catherine, is tasked with completing her Father’s last wish. She must return to a place that she both loved and hated and come to terms with many mistakes of the past, most of them not hers. This book is a journey of moving into the future by way of the past. We get to walk along as Catherine experiences things she never knew, and things that weren’t what she thought they were, both literally and emotionally. It is an interesting journey to watch the characters make sense of the dark secrets we can all hold in our hearts. Also, this book is filled with interesting personalities but one personality - that of Catherine’s deceased Mother, is one I really would love to know more about. (Hint!!! Great Book Writing Powers That Be…I think there is an entire other book about Mrs. Leary!).

I look forward to reading more of Patti Callahan Henry’s work and meeting more of her characters. Fortunately, at the luncheon was able to pick up her latest release, The Perfect Love Song, which is a Christmas story!. She said she doesn’t plan to become an author that produces regularly scheduled Christmas novels, but I am excited about this one because I love a holiday story to get me prepared for the season. So look for my upcoming impression of this newest release!

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  1. Hi Bella, Thank You for stopping by our blog today. Im glad you enjoyed the vintage Halloween decor. Raymond grew up in a town near you called Dillon S.C. He had taken me out there last Thanksgiving to visit his family and it was beautiful country out there. I even brought back a big bag of Spanish Moss which most of it is still alive today. Nice meeting you.....Julian

  2. Sounds like a really good read. How cool to meet the author! I think I'll put this one on reserve at the library. Thanks for the review.

    Thanks too for stopping by my blog to say hi.

  3. I need a good book to read. I'll have to look for this one. It's really neat that you got to meet the author!


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