Monday, April 19, 2010

Death of a Router...

I haven't been a very good blog friend lately (not updating here or visiting at all the other wonderful blogs, either).  The reason is that my wireless router has bitten the dust.  Yep, dead as a door-nail.  So, when I have used the computer recently, I have been tethered to the wall, and since we have had such gorgeous weather and tons of things to do, I haven't been using it near as much as usual!  Normally, I like to curl up with a blanket and read blogs on the sofa or in bed or outside on the front porch, but now  that I am back working at the desk, I am not reading as much. We are going to wait until our move to get a new router so as to have the right thing for the new home (or at least that is what I have been told!). So, blog friends, I promise I haven't forgotten about you and hope you don't forget about me! 

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