Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jugtown Ware Pottery and Seagrove, N.C.

Look what I just received! This is a collection of very old Jugtown Pottery. It has been in my family for 50+ years and my family was under the impression it was from Mexico ~ WRONG! When it came into my eager hands (I am sort of an odd ball in that I tend to want things others don't) I was thrilled to see a potters mark clearly on the bottom of each piece. I was even more thrilled to find out information about the pottery and the potters that created these wonderful pieces of art. These pieces aren't from Mexico but are wonderful examples of the southern potters located in Seagrove, NC by Jugtown Pottery Knowing how long they were tucked away in a cabinet in my family they must be from the late 30s/40s (possibly early 50s?). I can't wait to find out for sure. Don't you love treasure that comes with a hunt?
This is the mark on the bottom of each piece.
I would love to hear from anyone who might know more about my little treasure!


  1. Very exciting Michelle. I don't know anything about that pottery but can't wait to hear what you find out.

  2. Cool!!! I can see how you can use all kinds of colors with, aqua......oh, I dream!


  3. That is quite a find! That would be some very valuable pottery pieces.

  4. What a treasure!

    We love trips to Seagrove,and Jugtown is super neat. I have one of their blue bean pots that I adore.

    I'm not sure how often they've changed or redesigned their stamp, but maybe an email to their info email could help date the pieces.

    Sorry I'm rambling, I LOVE Seagrove pottery & the potters...and, I can't remember all the details, but Jugtown at some point was the first pottery to pay a flat salary to the potters (vs. commission work.) Enjoy your beautiful collection!

  5. having these during autumn is perfect! how much more fun that they're local too?

  6. There are not words for my jealousy! GREEN xoxo



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