Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stumphouse Tunnel Adventure

Last week was Spring Break for my crew. We didn't take a trip or anything, and were disappointed that we only had one decent weather day. On our one good day, the boys and I decided we would head up to Stumphouse Tunnel and Isaqueena Falls to do some "adventuring". As a Mom, I am trying to remember that boys like adventures and plan activities that fit that bill without causing injury or bleeding (or at least much of it).
At this point, I don't think they were sure if my idea of adventure was the same as theirs, but they did know we had to have flashlights for this one!
The opening of Stumphouse Tunnel.
Heading in! Of course, DS#2 (Mr. throw caution to the wind) is leading the way.
Taken with Night Snap Shot mode so you can see the walls inside.
Now they are definitely glad we brought the flashlights!
This is one of my favorite shots, taken as we were leaving.
I earned some brownie points by letting the boys climb some rocks!
View from a lower part of Isaqueena Falls
Isn't she lovely? I can't leave all my girliness behind!
Isaqueena Falls, which is located right next to Stumphouse Tunnel.
The boys, after climbing down the falls.
DS#1 took a shot of me and DS#2 at the bottom of the falls.
I felt pretty good after this adventure because DS#1 said, as were were leaving, that this was "way more fun that going away for Spring Break!" HooAHHH!
For more information on a Stumphouse Tunnel adventure of your own:


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