Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Question for you Sporty Girls...

OK, so I have been thinking about this exercise thing. My DH, who is up and out the door at 0: dark-thirty to the gym every morning before work, has casually mentioned me exercising. Now he hasn’t come out and said “Hey, why don’t you move that thing once in a while?” or anything (he loves me too much for that!), but since he is now convinced of the whole this-makes-me-feel-great line about exercise he wants to share the love.

So, that brings me to my first thought…exercise outfits. Now, I do peek at those exercise/sporty girls at the gym occasionally to see what they are wearing, as I head to the pool, but I am not overly excited about what I see most of the time (and we can discuss the whole hair/make-up at the gym another time). Whereas, I do kind of get excited when I see those cute exercise outfits in the store. And, as a nod to DH and to make him feel like I am listening (and an all around great wife), I have bought a couple of those cute outfits as of late. But, I have a question: do you sporty girls wear your Spanx under your outfits? As far as I can tell, there is a clingy quality to most of these cute sporty outfits and I am just thinking that my unsporty-bod won’t be fairing well without the trusty Spanx. I mean lycra and giggle just don’t seem to have that look I am after. It really seems like I would look even sportier if I was all sucked in and tight.

Come on girls…lets dish…tell it to me straight…Spanx at the gym? http://www.spanx.com/
*photo courtesy of some really skinny, sporty girl and does not resemble or represent anyone living or dead in this household and any similarities are only a mirage.


  1. There are some pants that you can get that have built in spanx...I am pretty sure target has some.

  2. If I went to the gym I would wear Spanx if they made me feel better about myself . . . I guess kinda like I do my padded bra -He!He! With homeschooling the kids I workout here at home . . . honestly. . . in ratty clothes. I save my "cute gym clothes" for when I run in races.

    Your hubby is right though . . . exercising makes you feel AMAZING!!

  3. I do not wear anything under mine at the gym. However I got less clingy and more body skimming outfits. My capris gym outfits have well fitting but not clingy tops and the capris have a stretchy waistband but are made of a quick dry fabric from there. I got mine at JC Penney of all places.

    However that is only 2 days a week. The main 2 days I exercise is doing water aerobics and there it is more important to have a chlorine proof/resistant swimsuit than anything else. Besides most of my body is underwater and everyone else looks odd too.

  4. I agree with Michele. I think you should do what you feel comfortable with, or what makes you feel better about yourself. Of course, working out in spanx might get a little hot and sweaty. But girlfriend, I can't see you really "needing" the spanx. I like Stephanie's idea of less clingy workout clothes. It will feel better too.

  5. So whatever happened to shorts and a t-shirt?

    I'm just saying....I guess the whole idea of going to the gym wearing a fashion statement has me a bit confused... much like you mentioned the hair and makeup thing?LOL

    That's why I love going to CURVES, I always look better than the person next to me - even in my shorts and t-shirts! LOL (That was ugly huh?)

  6. I am not even going to address the gym/Spanx issue!! But I *am* going to make the broccoli casserole for our dinner tonight!!
    Thank you for posting the recipe. I know "my boys" will love it!

  7. No spanx (but what a great idea!)...definitely pearls and a grosgrain ribbon for my ponytail!

  8. Oh that's hilarious! I don't know that anyone wears spanx... I would think they'd be kinda restricting, wouldn't they? Some good quality pants will be supportive enough, I'd think. I personally love the workout and yoga pants at Old Navy. I haven't found any tops there I like, but I usually just wear a tank top to the gym unless I'm running... then I do usually wear some kind of dry-fit type top. But anyway, Old Navy's pants are awesome and SO affordable.

  9. No Spanx girl! Too confining and too much cloth for a workout! You'll be fine - just get on with it! Wish I was closer to the "Y" - we could work out together!

  10. Luckily, I exercise at the good ole YMCA. You see all sorts of exercise garb and it is all acceptable.

    I usually wear gym shorts and a tee shirt.

    Good for you for heading to the gym. My best advice is an accountability partner. It truly keeps me showing up!!



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