Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear Anonymous Blog Commentor

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Thanks y'all.


  1. Love it. You go girl!! You told them what for.

    Why are people so hateful? Whatver they said, it is not true.

    I love your blog.



  2. Good for you!

    Some people need to get a life and move on!

  3. I love you blog! I'm from south Georgia. I am so jelous that ya'll are getting the "snow" this week. We never get any down here. Anyway-I am new at the blogging thing,so visit my site if you get a chance. Us southern girls have to stick together. Give me any feed back that you can on my site-good or bad-all comments are welcome!

  4. I nominated Grits for a giveway, so help please get the word out for everybody to vote for her. You can check it out on my blog at
    She deserves it!

  5. How in the world could anyone be hateful to you??? I am really puzzled??? xoxo

  6. Couldn't have done it better my self. My John had already recommended the Bless Your Heart Shout out!

    I prayed for Harper, and I hurt for Grits, who cares what they think!

  7. I came by to comment on your flower post (how absolutely sweet!) and saw this. I cannot believe someone would leave you some kind of nasty comment? Love your reply- high road all the way, Belle!
    Take care,

  8. BRAVA! Those girls are just hateful individuals to have done that to GRITS and Bumpkin. You tell em!

  9. Well, I missed it but i'm with you on the Bless Your Heart honey. Poor things.
    I like G.R.I.T.S blog too, and was sorry to see her sad news.

  10. oh, that is so stinky......that someone would do that....


  11. Ain't bless your heart southern for "It's a shame you're so ignorant!"--
    Jeff Foxworthy.


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