Friday, December 19, 2008

A NON-Christmas post!

Yes, there probably is a law against it but I have a NON-Christmas post today! Well, it might be, sorta a Christmas post...but not really. Anyway, today, I went into the bookstore to pick up a few last minute things and low and behold I stumbled on something for ME (imagine!). I came across Melinda Rainey Thompson's book, SWAG, Southern Women Aging Gracefully and after reading her "10 Ways to know if You're a SWAG" I just had to buy it since I can honestly say I have checked off all 10 (though, that in NO way, indicates that I am aging...THAT is just against my nature, of course!)

Ten Ways to Know if You Are a SWAG

1. You feel the urge to bake a pound cake after reading the obituaries.
2. You have had professional photographs made of your children barefoot and dressed in their Sunday clothes.
3. You believe that cocktail dresses do not double as church clothes.
4. You'd rather have a fight with your husband than with your best friend.
5. You have stolen magnolia leaves, or you know someone who has.
6. You have monogrammed the middle of your shower curtain.
7. You could live without Yankees who equate your accent with a low IQ.
8. You know better than to eat the potato salad at a family reunion.
9. You are socially conditioned to believe that tanned fat looks better than white fat.
10. Your children hide their Easter baskets and Valentine's Day candy from you just in case you have a dieting lapse.


  1. LOL!!! :)

    I thought of you the other day when I was at Sam's. There in the main aisle was a teeth whitening booth.

  2. Hilarious!! Love this... Yes, guilty as charged :)

  3. And I did today when I saw the teeth booth at our UPSCALE mall!!

    I have checked this book out several times...keep saying I'm going to buy it, then never do. Would you mind if I borrow it when you finish??

    And thanks for the wonderful card I received yesterday. I really needed it. Received not to good medical news Wednesday then took a terrible fall down the stairs at home yesterday. I literally needed a pick me up and my dear sweet Belle-ah was right there!

    Much love!! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. If I had kids ALL of these would apply to me. So funny!!

  5. I will have to look for this book...this post brought a smile to my face on a day when I did have to bake a pound cake.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hey, I think I may need to read this! :)

  7. I just saw this and I am laughing so hard!

    Definitely a SWAG and I wasn't even born here (but I got here as fast as I could! ha!)

  8. Oh tanned fat DEFINITELY looks better than white fat! Lol.

    But I NEVER get the urge to bake anything simply because I wouldn't want to cause someone to have to go to the hospital. ;-)

    I guess I'm not aging so gracefully.


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