Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Christmas...garland questions...

Since yesterday, I have gotten a couple of emails asking about the garland around my door. It is woven of magnolia leaves, grapvine garland and dried Crepe Myrtle pods along with a wide gold and maroon ribbon. Below you can see a daylight photo (of questionable quality!).

To start I took a thin piece of prelit evergreen garland and attached it to the door frame as my base and wired the magnolia leaves and grapevine on to it, then I took a string of larger, facetted Christmas lights (to give it a bit more pop than all the other mini-white lights I have out front and wove those through it, then took the ribbon and added it and that was it. The magnolia leaves and Crepe Myrtle pods were free and I use the ribbons, grapevine, and lights year after year.

In Georgia, December will often give us some warmer temps. and the Magnolia Leaves stand up to that better than I have found live evergreen garland to do.


  1. I like that garland. Very pretty. Magnolia leaves are beautiful. I miss my Georgia Magnolia tree we, unfortunately, had to leave with the house when we moved. I used those leaves every Christmas!

  2. I found your blog while searching for pink and green party ideas--love it!

    Last Christmas I lightly spray painted clusters of magnolia leaves (particularly the undersides) with pewter and silver spray paint and then stuck the clusters into my Christmas tree. It filled it out wonderfully and even my husband commented that it was by far our prettiest tree ever. So many uses for those lovely Southern leaves!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm not sure if I could make this look as beautiful as you have a decorating talent!

    I was reading your post below...although I don't really like concentrating on Christmas before it's time, I do think the concept behind that website is a great idea...I'm going to have to go visit that link! :)

  4. Hey I just happened by. Your blog design is very pretty!

  5. Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing the how to! Have a great day!

  6. I think magnolia leaves are gorgeous and it's a welcome variation from regular evergreen. Thanks for sharing.


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