Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unhappy with my house...

Do you ever get that feeling that things have got to change? No, I am not saying the you go run out and find yourself a new hunny or trade your children in for new models kind of change, but more"these window treatments are driving me insane" kind of change.
We have been in this house for over 4 years and sadly we haven't completely managed to get every planned project done in that time frame (hey, the masterbath is point made). The practical side of me wants to wait until we finish the 1st round of "redo" before I start redoing our last redo but all the sudden it is getting hard to wait.
Just tonight I roped DH into rewiring (so that the phone & cable for internet will now be across the room from it's former location) and re-arranging our formal living room. We have never lived in any one house as long as we have lived in this one so I haven't really had to go through this season and it has taken me by surprise. We have averaged about 2.5 years in each of the houses we have owned over the years so I usually just got settled before we moved. Heck, maybe that is the reason it has taken me so long to finish up and get settled here because I don't want to move again! Anyway, I am itching for some change, some updating, some pizazz.
By the way, this photo is of no significance other than to remind me I am really beginning to think I want a new sofa in the family room.... Oh, and with my new furniture arranagement I now have the "cat" sofa (from the living room) in the dining room shoved under the front windows temporarily until I can get it to Goodwill but I feel better.


  1. Me, me! We've lived in this house going on 11 years. The formal rooms (library, dining) had hideous red and green floral swags on seven enormous windows. I finally changed them for beige swags, which don't scream as loud, and while I love the style I really, really hate the beige now. They do NOTHING for the rooms. I sewed them myself and I am thinking I feel another sewing project coming on, when I can decide what color would look good in both rooms.

    But I also am tired of the navy/burgundy/gold in the library. Sigh.

  2. I feel your pain....The house we just relocated to has actually belonged to us for 8 years! The problem is we have only lived in it for 3 and a half of those years. The rest of the time it was rented out which in my opinion makes it no longer mine! It has been really hard living here again becaue I want to gut the place and start over!!
    If you start to change things, keep us posted. I'd love to see what all you have done.
    Hope you guys are having a fabulous summer!

  3. You sound a little like me. We've been here eight years but my mother was ill for five of them and we had to devote most of our free time to going to visit her almost every day. Now we're actually doing some of the projects, but since we do most of them ourselves and have other interests, it's a REALLY slow series of projects. At least I'm starting to see a little progress.

  4. I can go to bed thinking that I love my house and wake up in the morning, wanted to change everything. At one point I was changing wall colors almost every two years. Now, not so much. I can get by with changing the curtains, table cloth or painting an end table or two.
    It is usually during the winter that I feel the need to change things up a bit.

  5. I feel your pain. When we found this house before getting married, I loved it and saw tremendous potential in it. Well DH and his DD moved in a few months before my DD and I moved in so already it didn't feel like mine anymore. Also, all the plans we had was based on my income (bought house on his income) and then I got sick and had no income. So other than some basic painting in the bedrooms when we moved in, and redecorating the girls bathroom, we had not done anything. Last year, we finally did the powder room downstairs and this year we are currently in the process of the living room and dining room, as well as new floors in LR, DR, foyer, hall, stairs and upstairs landing. This process has been going on since Feb. and just now am I starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. However, all of our hard work won't pay off until the furniture is recovered, pillows sewn, new WTs, and everything is moved back in. :::::::::sigh::::::::


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