Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring teasing...

Aren't their faces, sweet?
Just look at these lovelies and you will know what I mean and why I am wishing Spring here. I know my dear friends from points north will just shake their heads at me but I can’t wait. These “affadils” (as my DD called them for years) are really gorgeous this year. I think this is their 3rd spring and it shows in how many more blooms they have shared.

Last year my normal urge to toil in the soil just wasn’t what it usually is. I don’t know, maybe I had an off year, maybe it was the drought that put a damper (ha-ha) on my gardening…I just don’t know. But this year, it was barely New Years when I started mulling over seed catalogs and pondering plantings. So, these sweet little yellow blooms have just kicked up my urge to head out to the garden center for some color. I will fight that strong pull, though, because so often winter returns with a vengeance to steal away the buds and blooms of spring (like last year when it came in one night and completely wiped out all my azalea blooms!).

I have several perennials that will be in their 2nd season with me and I am looking forward to seeing the rewards of my work. Spring fever also has me planning some trips to visit other gardens and indulge my love of gardening such as a picnic to the Botanical Garden at Clemson University ( , the Botanical Garden in Athens, GA ( ), the Atlanta Botanical Gardens ( ) and of course, I will most definitely have to have a leisurely visit at one of my all time favorites…Callaway Gardens ( ) when the Azaleas are high form.

Anyone else having a bit of Spring Fever?


  1. I just wish I had planted some of these last fall...not that I'll see any till May...sigh................................

  2. i see you have spring fever too. too funny we both had pics of daffodils...

  3. We have two little bunches of daffodils waaaay down our backyard hill. Every year about this time I look for the little tuft of yellow and finally saw it last weekend! Yeah!

  4. I'm having Spring Fever too. Some of my bushes are starting to bud. I can't wait to see the drive home from work. I think it will be lovely, its a new job and I haven't driven the road in the Spring.

  5. I loev daffodils! they are so damn optimistic!


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