Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ho, Ho, stockings!!!

Last night DD and I were out for a bit of retail therapy and I found a great pre-Christmas score!!! New stockings for the whole family with each person's monogram accented with Swarovski crystals for only $9.99 each. Yes, $9.99! I have wanted to replace our stockings for several years (6 to be exact) but never found any that I liked enough to shell out the $ for 5 new coordinating ones. Since the arrival of DS#2 (6 years ago) we just let the kiddos use 3 of our previously 4 coordinating stockings and DH and I did without (yes, we are so selfless!). These great velvety monogrammed stockings (complete with coordinating tassles) are at Bed, BAth & Beyond I am so excited to see what Santa puts in my stocking!

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