Thursday, September 20, 2007


Meg over at has tagged me in a Meme. So I think, since there is nothing overly exciting to post about, I will play along but first I must admit I don't know how I feel about Meme's...I love reading about others through the information most Meme's share but I can't say I like would kind of be like those funny, sweet, sentimental email feel bad if you don't like them and are glad you are thought about but just can't quite decide how you stand on the issue...oh well, too much thought for a Thursday:

M - married to the most wonderful of men

I - introvert...yep, I am

C- Christian

H - Happy and healthy (though I could loose a bit of extra Heart Disease causing poundage)

E - Expectations are very high, about everything!

L - love my children very much

L - laughter gets me through most stress

E - Exact...that is the way I like things!

Now I tag,, and

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