Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chasing Fireflies - A Novel of Discovery

Last week, since I was home more than usual with a sick little, one a friend, (actually DS#1’s teacher), loaned me another of Charles Martin’s books: Chasing Fireflies .

I was a bit apprehensive after falling totally in love with his book When Crickets Cry! I didn’t want to read it and it not be as good!!!! Well, I was not to be disappointed. It was such a good book, a very different book from “Crickets” but a great book. Nicolas Sparks (author of The Notebook, The Wedding, Dear John, Message in a Bottle, etc) has long been my favorite author but I am afraid Mr. Charles Martin is wooing my heart away. The depth of the emotions and characters in his book just leave me awe struck. In this latest, I just didn’t want it to end. I wanted to know these people, to be part of their lives, walk down to the marshes and smell what they smelled. Ah….it was a amazing escape.

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