Thursday, March 22, 2007

My number must have come up this week...

Now y'all remember that on Tuesday my car DIED on me. It has been in the shop and as of yesterday afternoon the mechanic could not get it to "act up" for him (geez). DH told him to keep it a few days and see what happens.

Well, low and behold, this morning I was driving the MomVan to take the kids to school and guess what???? It starts having an identitiy crisis and starts squealing and smoking like some hopped up teenie bopper. Yes, you are reading that right...I have 2 seperate vehicles that have broken down on me in a 2 day period! NOW, how many folks can lay claim to that, I ask you???

When DH arrived on the scene to yet another of my car emergencies he calls over to the mechanic that has my car, and says we are going to just come pick it up and drive it until it "acts up" again. LOL You know what? It finally decided to "act up" yesterday afternoon and so they started taking it apart and it was still in pieces this morning!!! So, my car is in pieces and the MomVan is not doing much better. Our trusted mechanic doesn't work on the brand of van I have but he did give us a recommendation on where to take it. Yep, I have 2 vehicles in 2 different repair shops as we "talk".

Oh, is going to be an expensive week.


  1. My goodness, seems as though when it rains it pours, right? I know all about that. Good luck with both vehicles. Hopefully, the mechanic will be able to fix 'em right on up for ya!

  2. when "schtuff" like that happens to me I usually end up asking myself,
    Is God trying to tell me something and I won't sit still long enough?

    hang in there...

  3. Oh no! That is so frustrating....I have had something similar happen with our cars, too, awhile back. Makes a major dent in the pocket book and makes for some huge inconvenience, as well!

    I hope all is fixed soon...
    Blessings, Bell-ah!

  4. I've been there, heart goes out to you! I hope that your cars are back in good order soon!


  5. Oh, my! My husband lost the only key to our "extra" car last Saturday, so it's just sitting in the driveway. The dealership says we have to tow it in and pay $125 for more keys, so for now I've offered the kids a reward for the finder. This is getting a bit ridiculous, though...

  6. Ouch! Two cars on the fritz! Here's hoping that your car dilemmas resolve soon and as inexpensively as possible.

  7. Yikes! My condolences.

    Hope you dont have TOO expensive a time of it {{{{{hugs}}}}}.

    If I dont see you before, blessed Easter! I will have an Easter greeting on my site closer to the day.

  8. "I have 2 seperate vehicles that have broken down on me in a 2 day period! NOW, how many folks can lay claim to that, I ask you???"

    Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! My husband followed the towtruck hauling my Momvan to the shop (after it caught fire, mind you) and his SUV died in the mechanic's parking lot and wouldn't restart.

    No fun at all, I know. Hang in there.

  9. That really stinks Bella! Sorry for all the car troubles. Have you ever noticed there are days when nothing happens and days when it all comes crashing down! It's ok, God wouldn't give us more than He thinks we can handle. I hope you're up and "running" soon!



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