Sunday, January 21, 2007

I could have danced all night...I could have danced all night...

Last night was DD's 1st formal and her 1st dance! She attended her school's Homecoming Dance. I was privledged to attend as well and chaperone. It was such a fun night. The kids dance for 3 straight hours.
It was much different from the dances I remember from high school...there were no couples who tried to hang out in the dark corners and there weren't any of the groups gathered that never seemed to dance. That is something I love about DD's school. Everyone enjoyed each other and there were no appearance of cliches and even if you couldn't dance you jumped in and added your 2 goofy cents! I (and the other Moms even got into the act and dance along with some of the 80s tunes...DD even said I was a good dancer -- a good 80s dancer that is -- WHAT does that mean!) DD before in her Jessica McClintok dress. I think I wore a Jessica McClintok dress when I was in high school...or maybe that was Gunne Sax?
DD invited a friend from church to attend the dance as her "date". Don't they look sweet?
We had a gathering at our house before the dance so that everyone could visit and eat. This is a photo of some of the kids. There were no boyfriend/girlfriend combos just a great group of buddies who enjoyed the entire night together...along with a late night visit to IHOP after the dance.


  1. She's lovely in that dress! In SF we had a Gunne Sax Outlet that we went to when my daughter was in high school. Such fun memories and bargain prices!

  2. Wow, what a fun night that looks like! Especially for her, but for you, too! :D
    Your daughter looks beautiful!

    (And my friend and I actually wore Gunne Sax brand...she got me started on them and I remember a couple of them distinctly.) :)

  3. Your daughter is beautiful. Glad you had fun.

  4. Your daughter looked beautiful. Glad you had fun too.

  5. Looks like an awesome evening, and yes, I remember those Gunne Sax and Jessica McClintok dresses, too! It's wonderful for your teens to have good friends.

  6. What a fun dress your daughter chose. She looks like the bubbly one of the bunch. How fun.
    Jessica McClintok, oh yeah, everyone wore those when I was in HS too.
    I love her comment that you are a good 80s dancer. Yeah, what does that mean? My how times have changed. We were saying that about people who could dance good 60s or disco stuff when I was in HS. Ok, I just dated myself. :-)

  7. OOOOOOOOO IHOP - my favorite!

    Seriously, the kids all look great! I'm so happy they had a good time (thinking back - WAY back, to proms *grin*). Its nice to have a place to go and get really dressed up. Doesn't happen too often!

  8. Hi Belle-ah...just stopping in to say I miss your smiling face around and your posts! Hope you're back soon and that all is OK! Blessings!

  9. Your DD looks lovely in the Jessica Mcclintock dress. I'm glad she had a good time.

  10. Belle those are beautiful pics, those kids looked so happy! I hope they had fun!!!!


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