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Who is Michelle?

Embracing Life Version 2.0….

Having passed fifty and feeling fabulous, I am embracing what I call my 2.0 season of  life fully.  As hard as the B-I-G 5-0 felt, is was not as bad as my expectations and I am looking at the next 50 years to get all the things done I didn't the first season! Surprisingly, (not) I am, if possible, more Southern than ever. I am a Belle…and a good biscuit is truly food of the gods!  I die for monograms, magnolias, cotton fields, sweet tea, Spanish moss, azaleas,  front porches, tailgating, manners, Southern fashion designers, shoes, babies in smocking, and the smell of pluff mud. I am a Lilly Girl and fully embrace the Lilly Life! I was a sorority girl, who reared a sorority girl and have boys who plan to marry sorority girls, and I know pearls go with everything.

I am a Social Media junkie but not a computer techie. Exercise is not my friend. Make-up, fashion and skin care are my passions. I love flowers, gardens, cooking, and making a house a home. Having a home full of friends and family is heaven on earth. A day floating in the pool can revive even my most exhausted self. Books are my weakness and escape. I wish on stars and love looking at the moon. And, most importantly, Family is everything.

Oh...and I have a bit of a problem with aging…especially that gracefully part!

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